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Why hire an Interior Designer?

Hiring any person to do work for you can be a daunting prospect, you are handing over your trust and not to mention money to do something that you cannot even see yet! But it can also be a costly mistake not to hire a qualified Interior Designer. Most people have an idea of what they want their home or space to look like and more importantly to feel like and it can be very easy to jump right in and start purchasing things as soon as you see it without giving it a second thought because, well 'You just love it, and have to have it now' But so often that thought process can lead to trouble and you end up thinking 'well that didn't go to plan!' So many Designers hear of horror stories of people purchasing on impulse only to get the item home and it is way too big or small or just does not look like it did in the showroom and then asking ‘’how do I fix this!’’ That is why well thought out Interior Design is so important in the overall look and feel of the space and a great investment in the long term. You are paying for those costly mistakes not to be made and items which are fit for purpose and suit your style.

Interior Designers not only ask the right questions to get the information they need to fit your brief they also know about space planning, lighting specifications, the best flooring for your home or commercial space and so much more. Every item is planned and checked to make sure it fits the space, purpose and has longevity. Hiring an Interior Designer is an investment in your home and how it will feel and live for years to come not just until the next trend comes along. A good Interior Designer has years of study behind them and are constantly updating their skills set to keep up with the latest updates in manufacturing and industry news and materials.

As an Interior Designer they have trade suppliers who in most cases do not trade to the general public or Artwork suppliers which you do not see in mainstream bricks and mortar stores. You are investing in a home or space that will be unique to you and your lifestyle and as you change through the years can help with additions to your home for those changes in lifestyles.

Amanda Alcock






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